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Securing Your Legacy Through Thoughtful Estate Planning

Last updated on June 18, 2020

For most people, estate planning has to do with providing for one’s family beyond the limits of a lifetime. The inclusion of charitable causes may bring the satisfaction of shaping a legacy in advance. Peace of mind and protection of assets are incentives to put a comprehensive estate plan in place.

Many people find the process of building and formalizing an estate plan to be a rewarding aspect of lifelong financial planning. For parents of any age, estate planning extends care for their children far into the future, while also protecting their say over what happens with their assets.

The Law Office of Jeralyn C. Ehlers offers personalized counsel for individuals and couples in the Santa Barbara area and beyond who are ready to create or update:

  • A will, whether simple or complex
  • One or more trusts, which can be incorporated in a will or created as standalone documents
  • Powers of attorney (POA) providing contingency plans for management of health and financial matters during one’s lifetime
  • An advance health care directive, also called a living will, designating an agent for medical decisions and expressing health care preferences

Attorney Jeralyn C. Ehlers will help you plan and customize documents that can greatly help your family someday. These powerful estate planning tools can protect your right to have a say in how your medical decisions and assets are handled when the time comes.

Build Your Estate Plan From Here

Whether or not you feel ready to create a comprehensive estate plan, the time to start is now, where you are. If you don’t have a will, or if it is outdated, creating or updating it should be a top priority. If you create one or more trusts, you should also have a pour-over will to account for any assets outside the trusts.

As a long-time family law attorney, Jeralyn C. Ehlers brings insights into family dynamics that may help you design maximally effective estate planning tools. Your individualized estate plan will be appropriate for your unique asset portfolio and family circumstances (such as a blended family).

Let’s Talk About Your Estate Planning Tools And Strategies

Create legally binding documents that can preserve your peace of mind now, safeguard your assets later and, eventually, facilitate your family’s ability to care for you and your affairs according to your wishes. Request a consultation without delay by calling 805-918-1340 or completing our simple online form.